Broom Finish Concrete: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Broom finish concrete is a popular finish for outdoor locations. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it’s a versatile surface you can use for many activities. It has been the go-to utilitarian-style exterior concrete finish for many years. You’ve likely encountered it at least once during your life. Here is everything you need to know about it:

What Is Broom Finish Concrete?

Broom-finished concrete is also known as brushed concrete due to its distinctive appearance. You often see it in driveways, patios, and open concrete areas. Before the cement dries, the pavers shape lines at the surface using a broom. This creates a slip-resistant texture and high traction. You only need to brush a thin concrete overlay to gain the desired effect.

Broom finishes have existed for as long as there has been concrete. It’s one of the first finishes discovered to provide texture and slip resistance. It’s easy to apply and affordable compared to many other finishes. It also doesn’t tamper with the concrete, keeping its durability for the long term. 

Why Is Broom Finish Concrete Important?

When applied correctly, the broom finish will look nice and provide the desired effects. Here are reasons broom finish is popular and why many place importance on using it:

1. Slip Resistance

The most significant benefit of using a broom finish is slip resistance. Added friction to a surface will help prevent accidents like slips and falls. It’s one of the reasons why this is the popular concrete choice for places with water activities.

2. Versatility

As mentioned earlier, broom-finish concrete is something you can apply anywhere. You can use it for all types of exterior needs, and it will provide you with a reliable surface. For example, broom-finished concrete can be used on pool decks, walkways, driveways, and anywhere else you want to minimize slippage. Some other places you can use it include:

    • Walls: A broom finish can add texture without affecting the concrete’s durability.
    • Pillars: When executed correctly, a broom finish can make a simple pillar look distinct.
    • Steps: Slip resistance helps people travel stairs faster and safer.
    • Patios: Broom-finished concrete provides slip resistance that can work with furniture. It also assists those using the area by adding friction to the surface.

3. Affordable

You don’t need to use materials other than concrete when creating a broom finish. It is one of the least expensive techniques, making it a viable option when you’re on a budget. Not only that, but it’s easy to maintain and repair. Since only the surface will have the broom finish, one can fix problem areas fast.

4. Numerous Design Options

There are many ways you can apply the broom to the surface if you don’t want a generic striped finish. For example, using different lines can create other effects. You can mix in smoother surfaces with rough ones. You can also create rectangular and circular shapes. All this is possible as long as the professional working on the concrete knows how to create these desired finishes.


While a broom finish is affordable, it also requires an understanding of the concrete type used and the proper method of applying the finish. You must brush it at the right time to create enough texture and ensure that the surface will remain durable. Brushing must start while the concrete is still soft, with most of the water dissipated. The timing can be anywhere from 20 minutes to four hours.

Apart from that, you’ll still need to clean the concrete occasionally. This is to help avoid debris or dirt from piling up. When gathered in one spot, these can cause water to trap and weaken the concrete. Pooling water can also create cracks which can damage the overall structure. By employing vibrated concrete with a broom finish, you can avoid these issues and have a perfect end product.  

Create Your Ideal Broom Finish Concrete with MD

MD Concrete specializes in creating broom finishes for our clients. Whether it’s a new application or repair, it can be one of the most affordable options in the market.


When you work with us, you have skilled and experienced professionals at your side. We’ve done hundreds of projects with broom finishes, for multiple different exterior projects. Contact us today and have a technician give you an estimate. We’ll answer your questions and help you find the best solution to your concrete needs.

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