What causes concrete to sink or crack?

Those of us in the Northeast are all too familiar with the region’s unpredictable weather that often includes extreme events such as excessive snow accumulation, dangerous ice storms, and destructive flooding.  The earth’s soils are constantly moving, and with freezing, thawing, flooding, and drought, those soils expand and contract, thus no longer providing proper support for the concrete surface above it. Since we’re not unable to control the movement of soil nor it’s compaction or erosion, we find that concrete of all shapes and sizes is susceptible to sinking and cracking. This can create quite a headache for property owners, especially when trying to determine the best course of action to resolve the problem.  Fortunately, there are now more affordable concrete solutions that won’t break the bank.

different types of sand finished concrete

Sand Finish Concrete

Sand Finish Concrete Sand finish concrete is a classic type of concrete finish that is popular for residential and commercial applications. This type of finish

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