Safety Benefits of Concrete Maintenance

Concrete has many applications, including solid foundations for homes, pavement for driveways and roads, sturdy patios, and even sleek floors in workshops and modern homes. However, as with any other construction project, there will come a time when you need to do maintenance work to continue enjoying the support, strength, and sleek look of your concrete.

To properly maintain your concrete, you can usually manage with just repairs. However, there are also times when your concrete will need to be fully replaced. Below, we’ll get into when you should repair concrete, when you should replace it, and what you stand to gain by staying on top of your concrete maintenance.

When to Repair Concrete

Generally, small or cosmetic issues with concrete only warrant a repair. These issues can include minor discolorations, the presence of several small cracks, or isolated chipping. Essentially, if the problem only applies to one small zone of the concrete, a repair is all that’s needed, making it a great cost saving option.

Concrete repair can also be preferable if you can’t afford to replace concrete; after all, a band aid solution can be better than no solution at all.

However, you shouldn’t put off major repairs or replacements for too long, as they can pose safety and health risks in the long run. Repairing is only a cost saving move if the slab’s integrity isn’t compromised. If you’re presented with a situation that makes repair too difficult or even impossible, then a replacement may be the better choice.

When to Replace Concrete

Concrete should be fully replaced if it poses health or safety risks to the people who interact with the concrete surface.

If there’s significant damage, such as large cracks, potholes, or obvious tears, then the most responsible course of action is to replace the concrete with newer and higher-quality materials. This is also the case if the concrete is “weak”; this means that you can see cracking, spalling, delamination, and bleeding.

You may have to replace concrete sooner rather than later if the installation was not professionally done. Unprofessional installation can lead to an uneven surface that does not bear the weight on top of it evenly, which is bound to cause cracking and breaking within only a few years.

Safety Benefits of Concrete Maintenance

Lowers Risks for Inhabitants

Damaged concrete flooring can cause significant injuries to the people walking across it. As cracks spread and widen, these fissures will have rough grooves that can seriously injure small children and the elderly. The unevenness of a cracking floor can also cause furniture, appliances, and similar home items to fall, causing property damage and potentially injuring the people nearby.

With proper concrete maintenance and timely repairs, the safety of those walking along the concrete surface is ensured. Not only will the people using the surface not have to worry about injuring themselves, but you won’t have to worry about any personal injury lawsuits that they might press against you after a tumble.

Reduces Damage to Property

It’s not just people who can be injured by a poorly-maintained concrete structure. Their belongings, investments, and vehicles can also be affected by rough or cracked surfaces as well. When a car, for example, is subjected to potholes, the tires could wear out prematurely and cause a road accident.

Concrete is fantastic, as it can withstand wear and tear better than most building materials. However, if you don’t see to its maintenance, then it can cause significant property damage. If you don’t maintain the surfaces, this can once again lead to expensive lawsuits being pressed against you for damages.

Concrete Maintenance is Key to Home and Inhabitant Safety

Concrete is the top choice when it comes to the safety and welfare of the property inhabitants. However, you still need to repair concrete now and then, and replace concrete when it’s time for a fresh start.

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